An online toolkit for managing Papua New Guinea’s natural resources


The PNG Natural Resource Management Hub (NRM Hub) is a one-stop digital platform that provides Papua New Guineans with a toolkit for managing their country’s immense natural resources collectively and effectively.

PNG, with its unique natural environment and biodiversity, is home to 5-10% of the world’s plant and animal species even though it makes up only 1% of its landmass. The NRM Hub will provide the country’s decision-makers and community stakeholders with access to the comprehensive, tailored data they need to manage PNG’s biodiversity effectively. 

A collection of tools and resources

Launched in 2022, the NRM Hub provides Papua New Guinea with online support and technical infrastructure for natural resource management with resources such as:

User-centred design

The NRM Hub’s tools have been designed to meet the needs of UN Agency project staff as well as wider government, academic, non-government and community-based initiatives. Capacity-building and technical support will always be culturally sensitive, guided by the principles of UNDP’s digital strategy and research into the NRM Hub’s user experience and the needs and motivations of its users.

Meeting stakeholders needs

The NRM Hub has been designed to meet the needs of a wide range of stakeholders working with PNG’s natural resources, including:



Local community

Technical focal

Staff of UN and
international agencies

NGOs and civil society
organisations working in
NRM and PA management


Bringing together diverse data

What makes the NRM Hub especially useful for the planning, reporting and evaluation of Papua New Guinea’s NRM processes is the way it brings together data from a range of sources. This includes making global spatial data available for local mapping within PNG, collecting environment and social data from communities and sharing data innovatively through interactive articles and visualization.

Finding solutions to challenges

UNDP’s NRM Hub makes data available to everyone without prejudice, democratising knowledge and increasing the transparency of NRM.

The NRM Hub will:

  • Provide access to high-quality, localized data and analytics.
  • Strengthen PNG’s environmental decision-making by aggregating high-quality global datasets with locally generated data and tease out local insights from the growing body of global environmental data.
  • Help transcend language and cultural barriers in decision-making by offering engaging formats such as spatial data for maps.