Home to a collection of data-sharing and mapping tools for natural
resource management, biodiversity and conservation


With its coral reefs, rainforests, volcanic soil and mineral wealth, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is rich in natural resources. Following the lead of the government’s ambitious digital transformation initiative, which has turned its attention to natural resource management (NRM) efforts, UNDP has now launched the Papua New Guinea NRM Hub, home to a range of online tools for collecting, sharing and managing environmental datasets from local, national and global sources.


Biodiversity and Climate Geoportal

Built using GeoNode – an open-source, web-based platform for sharing and using geographic data – the Biodiversity and Climate Geoportal Geoportal will allow PNG’s academics, policymakers, civil society organisations and communities to access, share, collect and analyse the region’s environmental data for better policy- and decision-making.

The Bougainville Natural Resource Portal

A one-stop portal where policymakers and technical teams can access environmental maps and datasets to make informed environmental policies and investments for managing the abundant natural resources of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.  

The Lukim Gather App

A mobile data collection application for collecting conservation and biodiversity data for better protected area management. Its design enables communities all over PNG to record and report a wide range of information for better planning, advocacy, and investment prioritization.

PNG Biodiversity

The PNG Biodiversity website an online toolkit providing information on Protected Areas in Papua New Guinea (PNG) – its history, targets, legislation, initiatives, reports, financing, and advocacy. 


Papua New Guinea has 2.15 million hectares of protected land. Ensuring that this land stays protected is the challenge facing local communities, the government and environmental stakeholders.

Environmental Analysis

A comprehensive environmental analysis report providing in-depth information relevant to conservation areas and the management of natural resources and natural disasters within Papua New Guinea.

Open Source

Are you interested in developing your own digital tools for collecting and managing data? All products under the NRM Hub are open source, following the UNDPs Digital Strategy to advocates for open digital standards and open data. Check out the offerings on the UNDP PNG Github account, report a bug, fork the code, and become part of a collaborative community of practitioners.

The PNG-METT tool: Checking the quality of NRM

Conservation in Papua New Guinea is largely (97%) managed by customary landowners and local land-owning communities. UNDP supported the customization of the Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) to help PNG assess how well the land and its natural resources were being managed and protected from incursions and degradation.

Mitigating and adapting to the climate change juggernaut in Papua New Guinea

PNG is being hammered by extreme climate events and rising seas, while coping with growing food insecurity, changing patterns of disease and growing population pressure on land and resources. UNDP has been supporting the efforts of PNG to maintain a strong strategic focus on mitigating the effects of climate change while adapting to them.